Water Cooled, MV, HV and LV, Surge Protection, APFC Panels, Energy Storage Capacitors Exported in 6 CONTINENTS and 50+ COUNTRIES

International Agents

Our Network :

We have a wide spread network of dealers & agents all over India and overseas‚ in countries such as Germany‚ Russia‚ Turkey‚ Brasil‚ United Kingdom‚ South Africa‚ etc.

Exports To :

UK‚ Germany‚ Italy‚ France‚ Croatia‚ Romania‚ Spain‚ Netherlands‚ Turkey‚ Australia‚ Argentina‚ Canada‚ Brazil‚ Russia‚ Iran‚ Chile‚ Mexico‚ Bangladesh‚ Ukraine‚ Poland‚ Greece‚ Libya‚ Jordan‚ Azerbaijan‚ Macedonia‚ Syria‚ Colombia‚ Iraq‚ Saudi Arabia‚ South Africa‚ Central Africa‚ Ethiopia‚ Egypt‚ Tanzania‚ Zimbabwe‚ Algeria‚ South Korea‚ Sweden‚ Denmark‚ Ghana‚ Bulgaria‚ etc.

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